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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is used to optimize a page in such a manner by which they may be ranked at a higher level in the search results thrown up by the search engines. Different search engines have different techniques by which they judge the prominence of a page according to the keywords entered. Search engine optimization is extremely important for websites especially those websites which are representing a company’s business or the business is mostly done on the internet by the company. If the page is displayed at later stages, then it is likely that the user may not bother checking later results if a relevant link is found earlier in the search results.

The primary job of a search engine optimization tool is to improve the contents of the page so that the relevancy of the contents can match the searches made. The methods by which the SEO tools may do this can vary depending on the tool used and the search engine for which they are built because different search engines use different methods to rank the page. SEO tools may not have a specific guideline to work on. The reason for this is that most of the famous search engines do not disclose the techniques they use to rank any page during the searches. Google only gives a hint that it uses more than 200 algorithms to determine the page ranking. Other search engines may have different techniques and criteria for sorting the web pages.

A SEO tool may check whether a page has duplicate or similar contents because search engines often disqualify pages with multiple copies of the same thing. There is another tool that checks the keyword density of a page. Keyword density is the ratio of the searched keyword to the other words used in the page. Too high a keyword density may also eliminate a page from good search engine rankings and the reader may lose interest in it while reading as well. When a country specific search is made, the search engine determines the origin of a page by seeing the IP address of its host and to where it belongs. A SEO tool may also help in checking from where the website is being hosted so that the owner may make any changes if needed.

There can also be various other types of SEO tools and the above are only examples of a few and what function they perform.


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