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How to Prepare Search Engine Marketing Articles


Most articles do not just flow right off the top of a writers head. Most articles must have some type of forethought or planning before they’re written. Depending on the type of article to be written, there must be a level of planning to ensure all the points of the articles topic are addressed to the reader. For example if your writing an opinionated piece, you must include factual information to support your point of view. Good Search Engine Marketing articles have a plan and are intended to provoke the reader to be entertain or encourage deep thought.

Well written Search Engine marketing articles are first outlined. This outline is divided based upon the points within the article. As in the Introduction which will give basic highlights related to the topic. Then each highlight point is explored in greater detail. Then a conclusion can be drawn and the entire piece can be written. In the purpose of Search Engine Marketing articles which provide an opinion the final paragraph or section of the article should sum-up the opinion and presented with the supporting information. An article can easily be outlined if properly planned first.

With search engine optimized articles you must be able to also efficiently use keywords and keyword phrases to promote your site and increase your chances of being a result of a consumer's search engine query. The use of keywords and keyword phrases can not be stressed enough when trying to promote a website. A search engine optimization expert must be able to get creative when adding keywords into an article because they want it to be informative, flow well, as well as alert search engines when a consumer is searching for your product or service online. For example, if you are selling candy bars you must be able to come up with fluid articles, blogs, and news feeds that contain pertinent keywords and keyword phrases that relate to this product. Such as, chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate candy, milk chocolate, almond bars, caramel bars, etc. Also use keyword phrases you would use when making a search engine query. "Where can I find chocolate bars online?" is a great example of what everyday consumers would input their keyword search.

Well written search engine optimized articles are not too hard to come up with as long as the above tips and techniques are applied. Try ad make these posts are informational and keyword rich as possible, Most importantly, try and keep them some-what entertaining. A lot of the search engine optimization articles found on the Internet currently sound too much like a laundry list of keywords. This will bore your prospective customer and make them move on to another site. Make sure that whatever techniques you employ, the article flows well and keeps your customers wanting to know more.


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